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Blog // Connect Puerto Rico

Connect Puerto Rico Program Overview and Business Survey Presented at the SME Digital Forum

By CPR Staff

Isla Verde, Puerto Rico - The 10th Annual SME Digital Forum was held this week and representatives from Connect Puerto Rico were there to provide an overview of the broadband initiative.

Raquel Noriega, director of public policy for the nonprofit broadband advocacy organization Connect Nation, provided the forum with insight into areas that included:

• The broadband landscape in Puerto Rico from a supply side/demand side perspective
• The broadband strategy for closing the digital divide in Puerto Rico
• A summary of the Puerto Rico Business Technology Assessment Survey

According to Noriega “91% of households on the island have access to basic broadband (768 kilobits per second), only 31% have adopted broadband”. The main local barriers to greater broadband adoption are relevance, affordability and digital skills”.

More information on this event will be included in future post.

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