The Google Engage Program is Now Available in Puerto Rico

By Wil Payton

Google Engage is a membership program now available in Puerto Rico that offers eligible businesses the support they need to get the most out of Google and all of its tools. Eligible companies can receive access to educational resources, live events, promotional materials, and a select number of free AdWords vouchers.

Typical participants include interactive agencies, individual webmasters, web developers, and IT consultants.

The following is an excerpt from a News is My Business article about the program:

Ultimately, learning to use these tools help small and large businesses around the world to increase their productivity and enhance their business objectives through the Internet, Gustavo Alvarado, Marketing Manager of Google Colombia, said.

“Knowledge is one of the most important tools available to any advertiser or agency looking to excel in the current era,” he said. “Google’s mission through ‘Engage’ is to help many who have not yet made the move to digital online, or to incorporate this as an important differential value for customers and brands.”

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