Puerto Rico Residents Gaining Another High-Speed Internet Option

By Wil Payton

Internet TVLiberty Cablevision recently announced a series of upgrades that will facilitate faster Internet speed for OneLink’s residential and business customers. The announcement of the speed enhancements, which will start at 10 mbps, will be especially good news for gamers and customers downloading movies in Puerto Rico.

Below is an excerpt from a New is My Business article:

“This upgrade process has only taken us about a couple of months when other companies take years to do this. As a matter of fact, many of our customers are already noticing a difference in their Internet service,” said Naji Khoury, managing director of Liberty Puerto Rico, which acquired the San Juan cable system late last year through a transaction valued at $585 million.

“This Internet speed increase is very important for our residential customers because many of them work from home and they need their Internet service to be fast enough and have the capacity to send heavy files such as graphics and videos,” he said. “We also have many customers that enjoy online gaming and would like to play online without any Internet slowdowns.”

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