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Techboomers—Impacting the Pace of Tech Innovation

By Wil Payton

Seventy-six million Americans were born between 1946 and 1964. If there is one thing the baby boomer generation is used to, it’s getting attention as a group.

This is the generation that had the discretionary income and desire to purchase the first home computers. Businesses have come to the realization that this generation is a prime target as tech consumers.

Below is an excerpt from a Washington Post special report on techboomers:

Close to half of the adult population in the United States soon will be 50 or older, and they will control 70 percent of the country’s disposable income, according to a 2012 Nielsen study. They already account for more than 40 percent of purchases of Apple computers and wireless services.

Younger people may be the first to try the latest technology, but the sheer number of boomers means they make an outsize splash everywhere they throw their weight, including the digital world. Boomers date and bank online, form travel groups, play Candy Crush Saga and other video games, and visit with their grandchildren via Facetime.

Click here to read more of this special report that includes the following articles:

  • Digital world is being rocked by baby boomers
  • Going beyond stereotypes
  • Living longer, better
  • Grandparenting via emoji
  • What technology experts in Silicon Valley and Boston are saying about baby boomers

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