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Broadband Task Force

Watch the Puerto Rico Strategic Broadband Plan Launch

In May 2011, Puerto Rico established a Broadband Task Force to examine the challenges and access the possibilities for promoting broadband access and adoption across the island.

Task Force members represent varied community sectors and currently include:

  • Giancarlo Gonzalez - Chief Information Officer,  Government of PR

  • Javier Rúa - Presidente,  Junta Reglamentadora de Telecomunicaciones de Puerto Rico

  • Eduardo Diaz - Presidente, Internet Society

  • Karen Larson - Senior Vice President, Critical Hub Networks, Inc

  • Ramphis Castro - Co-Founder, TainoApp, Inc.

  • Paul Maldonado - Channel Account Manager, Avaya, Inc.

  • Alicia Hernández - Director, Aspira, Inc.

  • Alfredo Calderón - Consultant, Hispanic Education Technology Services

  • James, Lynn - President, Piedra, Papel y Tijera, Inc.