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Start Learning Today!

We provide a one-stop connection to engaging curriculum offered by renowned training organizations and trainers from across the World Wide Web.  To get started, click here. 


There are three simple ways for new learners to use Drive:

  • Join - Register on Drive in order to access training provided by reputable training organizations from across the Internet.

  • Track - Track your progress and manage your classes on My Dashboard.

  • Earn - Once you have completed a class, you will earn a badge, which is an indication of the skills you learned on Drive. Share these badges on Facebook to celebrate your success.

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There are 3 great ways for trainers to use Drive:

  • Join a network of trainers and share your skills and experiences

  • Support students by sharing ideas and responding to student questions

  • Guide your students through the self-paced training

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To learn more, contact us:
Phone: 877-846-7710
E-mail: [email protected]

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