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Blog // Connect Puerto Rico

Broadband is the Engine of Economic Growth in Puerto Rico

By CPR Staff

Connect Puerto Rico studied how businesses use broadband, and it’s impact on Puerto Rico’s business landscape. In the Connect Puerto Rico Business Technology Assessment, a telephone survey of 814 business establishments in Puerto Rico measured business broadband adoption, examined the use of broadband technology, and assessed the price and quality of broadband service that Puerto Rico businesses purchase. Some Key findings included the following:

• Approximately 12,000 businesses in Puerto Rico still do not use broadband technology
• Adoption in crucial supply-chain sectors such as the Wholesale, Warehouse, and Transportation sector trails even further – one-third of all Puerto Rico firms in this sector still do not use broadband
• Puerto Rican firms that use broadband have significantly increased revenues, with the median annual revenues of broadband-connected Puerto Rico businesses being $200,000 per year higher than those without broadband
• Puerto Rican businesses pay a median monthly price of $83.93 for their broadband service, but the higher prices do not reflect higher speeds. The average download speed (3.9 Mbps) among businesses in Puerto Rico is significantly lower than average among all businesses in states/territories served by Connected Nation
• Approximately 6,000 Puerto Rican businesses allow their employees to telework, making it easier for more individuals to join the workforce
Help us continue to bring broadband to more homes and businesses in Puerto Rico by getting involved.



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