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Blog // Connect Puerto Rico

Connect Puerto Rico Releases Updated Broadband Mapping Data

By CPR Staff


San Juan, PR – Connect Puerto Rico released new broadband maps that reveal that 14% of Puerto Rican households don’t have broadband available.

Connect Puerto Rico is commissioned by the Office of the Chief Information Officer of Puerto Rico to gather, process, and verify data on the availability, speed, location, and type of broadband services across the island on a regularly scheduled basis. These data are gathered on behalf of the U.S. Department of Commerce to build and update the National Broadband Map across the US and territories.

Key findings from this update include:

• 86% of Puerto Rico households have access to fixed broadband service of at least 768 Kbps downstream and 200 Kbps upstream (excluding mobile and satellite services).

• 14% of Puerto Rico households remain unserved by any fixed broadband provider, representing approximately 176,000 unserved households that do not have access to a fixed wireless or wired broadband service offering (excluding mobile and satellite service).
• Across rural areas of Puerto Rico, the percentage of unserved households by any fixed broadband service is 21.82%, representing approximately164,000 unserved households across rural Puerto Rico.
These estimates imply that across Puerto Rico, broadband network penetration ranks amongst the lowest across all US states and territories.
Preliminary Connect Puerto Rico metrics of broadband availability across the island estimated in April that 91.82% of households had broadband available at the basic speeds of 768 Kbps download/ 200 Kbps upload speeds. The new, more accurate estimates released today are the result of a year of detailed research conducted by the Connect Puerto Rico mapping team working in collaboration with Puerto Rico broadband providers to determine more accurately the true extent of the available network. Connect Puerto Rico conducts independent, ongoing validation of the broadband service data submitted by the provider community.
The Connect Puerto Rico website is available at (Spanish) and (English).



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