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Strategic Plan

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Watch the Puerto Rico Strategic Broadband Plan Launch!


Puerto Rico Broadband Strategic Plan

The Puerto Rico Broadband Taskforce's Broadband Strategic Plan is a comprehensive plan, which aims to boost broadband access, adoption and use, which will help shape Puerto Rico's digital future.

The Broadband Strategic Plan addresses both demand and supply-side challenges, with three inter-related goals: 

  • Access-Ensuring waves of investment to infrastructure to meet the increasing demand for broadband by all citizens, businesses, government, and community anchor institutions.
  • Adoption-Ensuring universal adoption of broadband services-either mobile or fixed-by all citizens, and businesses.
  • Utilization-Ensuring that all communities-particularly community anchor institutions such as schools, hospitals, and clinics-are increasingly using broadband technology to pursue economic opportunity and sustainability, helping improve government services, and leverage educational and e-Health resources.

Explore the Executive Summary

Download the full report.

Explore the Plan's Chapters

Chapter 1: The Puerto Rico Broadband Taskforce

Learn more about The Puerto Rico Broadband Taskforce and its participation in this process. Also, the chapter explores the goals of the Taskforce and how this reports meets and achieves these goals.


Chapter 2: Introduction

Learn about the purpose and goals of the Puerto Rico Broadband Strategic Plan.



Chapter 3: Puerto Rico's Broadband Landscape

Learn about the current state of the Puerto Rico's broadband landscape, including who has access and at what speeds, and is adopting the technology.


Chapter 4: A 21st Century Broadband Infrastructure for Puerto Rico

Learn about the recommendations for increased broadband infrastructure investments-across all platforms.


Chapter 5: All Puerto Rican's Online!  Expanding Broadband Adoption

Learn about how this plan proposes to expand broadband adoption in all areas across Puerto Rico, whether urban or rural.


Chapter 6: Education

Learn about the recommendations of improving educational access to and use by broadband across the island.


Chapter 7: e-Health

Learn about the recommendations for increasing access and use by healthcare providers and patients to broadband and the opportunities that come with such access.