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The Puerto Rico Broadband Taskforce's Gigabit Island Plan evaluates the state of broadband in Puerto Rico and examines strategies to accelerate broadband expansion across the island.

The Gigabit Island Plan establishes the following gigabit network connectivity goals to be achieved in the coming years:

  • By 2018, 90% of Puerto Rican households will have access to broadband download speeds of 10 Mbps. By 2020, 99% of households will have access to that network capacity.

  • By 2018, 50% of Puerto Rican households will have access to broadband download speeds of 1Gbps. By 2020, 70% of households will have access to that network capacity.

The Gigabit Island Plan includes several main recommendations:

  • Continue and expand island-wide broadband mapping.

  • Monitor, measure, and assess the impact of broadband across the Puerto Rico economy.

  • Lower the costs of broadband build-out through community and provider collaboration.

  • Promote public-private partnerships to stimulate local demand and expand market opportunities.

  • Leverage federal support for broadband expansion.

  • Stimulate broadband adoption to encourage further investment.

Explore the Executive Summary

Download the full report.

The Gigabit Island Plan builds upon the 2012 Broadband Strategic Plan created by the Puerto Rico Broadband Task Force. Read about the 2012 report here.

Explore the Plan's Sections

Section 1: Introduction

Learn about the history and goals of Puerto Rico's first broadband strategic plan, along with why Puerto Rico should become a Gigabit Island and specific goals of this plan.


Section 2: Puerto Rico Broadband Infrastructure 2011-2014

Explore the history of Puerto Rico's broadband infrastructure including an overview of the islandwide and municipality broadband coverage and the goals from the 2012 broadband strategic plan.


Section 3: Building a Gigabit Island

View specific goals and recommendations on how to build, maintain, promote, and fund the Gigabit Island plan.


Section 4: Broadband Adoption Across Puerto Rico

Learn about the broadband adoption activities in Puerto Rico in 2010 to 2014, specifically examining local initiatives and strategies to promote adoption.


Section 5: Building Gigabit Capacity to Puerto Rico's Schools

Read more about the Puerto Rico Department of Education's technology strategy and goals to bring gigabit capacity to Puerto Rico schools.