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Provider Engagement

Puerto Rico is continuing its development of a variety of broadband maps for the island. These maps help provide a roadmap for expanded adoption, access and use of broadband in the commonwealth.

Part of this process includes data collection from technology providers. The data that we collect for this map is used for graphical illustrations only and your coverage will be plotted on a composite broadband coverage map.

To participate in this process, we ask you to review our non-disclosure agreement and download our data collection worksheet.

As a broadband provider, if you are interested in using a "light" version of the GIS mapping software we use (which will allow you to view and edit your service area or other geographic data), you can download ArcGIS Explorer from Esri’s website at the link below. This free software allows you to view various datasets, road maps, and satellite imagery, import already existing datasets, and create new coverage.

To download Esri’s ArcGIS Explorer: Click Here. Esri and the Esri Logo are licensed trademarks of Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.